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Raising Cardano up

OnADrac is more than just a token; it embodies utility and functionality at its core. The utility allocation of 5% is strategically designed to enhance the OnADrac ecosystem and provide tangible benefits to token holders.


In addition to OnADrac's emphasis on community engagement and fun, the utility allocation is strategically directed towards innovative ventures outside of OnADrac such as gaming and NFTs within the Cardano ecosystem.


Similar to a launchpad wallet, it would initially use a small tax to get started and could later be funded through features like NFTs or Gaming. The utilization of this wallet will be led by a panel of community members who will work with and engage the OnADrac community on strategic decisions.  


Profits generated from these investments are reinvested or distributed back to $DRAC token holders through:

  • Token buybacks & burning to lower circulating supply

  • Adding to the liquidity to further stabilize $DRAC 

  • Adding to staking contracts and stakers of $DRAC get their share 

  • Further expand to other investment opportunities


Notably, community members, as stakers of the $DRAC token, actively participate in decision-making through voting on proposals. This transparent and community-driven approach aligns with OnADrac's commitment to inclusivity and decentralization.

Investment Model:

This approach enables the collective investment in startups, generating passive income for the community. The profits from these investments are then strategically redistributed to OnADrac token owners, establishing a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship.

Crypto Launchpads and Collective Presales:

The utility allocation further supports OnADrac's engagement in crypto launchpads and collective pre-sales. By utilizing a small buy and sell tax, OnADrac accumulates funds in its launchpad wallet, ensuring high allocations on new pre-sales. This collective approach democratizes access to high-tier launchpad opportunities, providing community members with enhanced exposure to potential high-yield investments.

Profit Redistribution and Community Voting:

The profits generated through the venture capitalist model, crypto launchpad investments, and other utility-driven initiatives are strategically redistributed within the OnADrac community. Stakers of the $DRAC token have the opportunity to receive a share of profits, contributing to a sustainable and community-driven ecosystem. Importantly, the community actively participates in decision-making through voting on proposals via the decentralized application (Dapp), ensuring transparency and democratic involvement.


In essence, the utility and functionality of OnADrac extend far beyond the traditional scope of a cryptocurrency. Through gaming, NFTs, and community-driven decision-making, OnADrac aims to create a dynamic and engaging ecosystem that not only entertains but also provides tangible benefits and opportunities for its community members and the Cardano ecosystem.

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