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On A Drac

Riding Myths to Moons: Unveiling Cardano's Cosmic Journey with OnADrac

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OnADrac is an ode to the hidden tales and mysteries surrounding Cardano's inception, symbolized by the palindrome "Cardano" spelled backward - "OnADrac," suggesting the emergence of a dragon leading Cardano to the moon.


It embodies the community's belief in the blockchain's potential and aims to infuse fun and excitement into the Cardano ecosystem.


The Story Behind "OnADrac's" Journey to the Moon

In the depths of time, when Cardano emerged, whispered tales spoke of a prophecy hidden within its genesis. It foretold of a dragon, the legendary 'OnADrac,' destined to carry the essence of Cardano to the celestial heights of the moon.

Long ago, a wise group of technologists, scholars, and visionaries envisioned a blockchain that transcended limitations. They crafted Cardano, a marvel of innovation with layers woven as intricately as dragon scales. Unbeknownst to many, the blockchain's genesis lay intertwined with the legend of OnADrac.

The legend spoke of an enigmatic dragon slumbering in the deep recesses of the blockchain, patiently awaiting the destined hour. As Cardano evolved, each block forged brought the dragon closer to awakening. And when the time aligned with the stars, the blockchain's true potential would be unlocked.


The community, unaware of this fabled tale, delved into the blockchain's possibilities, building, trading, and innovating. Little did they know that their endeavors were paving the way for the dragon's ascent. With each transaction, each protocol upgrade, OnADrac stirred, feeling the pulse of Cardano's growth.

The tale spread like wildfire, capturing the imagination of the community. They rallied around the belief that Cardano would ride 'OnADrac' to the moon—a symbol of the blockchain's ascent to unprecedented heights.

And so, the community embraced the legend, celebrating the blockchain's potential while eagerly anticipating the day when OnADrac would awaken, propelling Cardano to the lunar realm. A journey that wasn't just about reaching the moon but symbolized the triumph of innovation, community, and the spirit of decentralized aspirations.

What Makes Us Different

OnADrac is not just a cryptocurrency token, it is a prophecy
There's only 42B. Why 42? Because that's the answer to everything.

On a more serious note... we plan to make a big impact.

OnADrac harnesses the excitement of meme culture and storytelling to drive adoption within the Cardano ecosystem. Beyond a mere meme coin, our project reinvests profits into other small ventures within Cardano, fostering ecosystem growth and enhancing the value of both DRAC and ADA tokens. Token holders benefit from returns on DRAC investments, alongside profits generated through utility, which may include burning, liquidity pool additions, or airdrops. Decisions on utility allocation are made democratically through community voting.

Our team comprises engineers from diverse industries, both within and outside of crypto/web3. We recognize that simplicity is key for new retail investors, who may be deterred by complex whitepapers. Meme coins offer accessibility, appealing to a broader audience with their light-hearted themes. Leveraging this trend, OnADrac aims to bridge the gap between meme culture and real crypto advancements on Cardano.

Legendary Drac

Infuse Fun and Excitement

OnADrac, a crypto token residing on the Cardano blockchain, pays homage to the legendary 'Drac' (Latin for Dragon). Our mission is simple: infuse the Cardano ecosystem with fun and excitement. Drac embodies creativity, innovation, and community spirit. Holding OnADrac tokens means joining our community, embracing these core values.


Come, be a part of our thrilling journey. Join the OnADrac community today.

Community Driven

Engage with the Drac

Join our vibrant community rallying behind Cardano - a blockchain that's not only robust but also promises a fun-filled journey! We believe Cardano is the pinnacle of blockchain innovation, and we're here to infuse it with excitement. As a team of crypto engineers embracing a lighter side, we're fostering a growing community that loves to blend the best of tech with the joy of exploration. We welcome your ideas!


Your voice shapes our evolution. If there's a feature you'd love to see - be it NFTs or beyond - let's chat! Together, we're pioneering a dynamic space where innovation meets delight.



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About our team and the origin of OnADrac

As a collective of engineers deeply entrenched in fintech, blockchain, energy, and vast startup landscapes, our journey began with a shared quest for something beyond the conventional. While our expertise spans diverse industries, we united under a common desire: to find a space within the crypto realm that was not just technologically rewarding but also enjoyable.


In this pursuit, we discovered the untapped potential to infuse the serious world of blockchain with a touch of excitement and creativity. Drac emerged as our beacon - a symbol of this fusion, where our collective technical acumen meets the thrill of a new adventure within the Cardano universe.

Cardano's Serious Tone vs. Our Approach

Cardano's technology is groundbreaking, but at times, it can feel serious and technical. Our engineering team sought a departure from this intensity to explore a lighter side that’s equally rewarding.

Engaging with the Cardano Community

We hold a deep appreciation for the Cardano community. Their enthusiasm and support have been pivotal in shaping our journey.

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Programming Console
Leveraging Technical Skills for Impact

Utilizing our technical expertise, we aimed not just for novelty but for real impact within the Cardano ecosystem. We saw an opportunity to inject joy and creativity while leveraging our skills for positive change.

Challenging Centralization in Blockchain

Governments often favor centralized systems, exemplified by projects like Solana and XRP. Cardano's decentralized ethos clashes with this narrative, making it exceptional. However, uniting against these centralized forces requires collective effort.


Enter Drac - a symbol of our collective strength against centralization.

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